The Songbird and the Secret is Receiving Rave Reviews!

From the new series Of Time and Eternity comes The Songbird and the Secret, available for purchase on

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“In her latest book, The Songbird and the Secret, author Celena Janton captivates her readers with an intriguing time slip novel that expertly weaves together historical fiction and contemporary Christian fiction through the centuries into a story filled with suspense, romance, and betrayal. Fans of 18th century England and the pre-Revolutionary war period in America will thoroughly enjoy this extremely well written story [that] intertwines the past with the present… The many twists and turns along the way keep the readers eagerly anticipating what will happen next.” -Nicole C., Amazon Reviewer

“This is a novel full of emotion, suspense, and definitely a page-turner. I look forward to reading more by this author.” -M. Fitzgerald, Amazon Reviewer

The Songbird and The Secret was not what I expected when I first began reading. Celena Janton weaves a tale of love, mystery, and intrigue… If you enjoy Christian fiction, you’ll love this. It speaks of forgiveness and the love and mercy of Christ.” -Deb’s Edit

I will definitely be reading more by Celena Janton! I am a fan of both contemporary and historical fiction and in this book you get both! I love that the characters are not squeaky clean cookie cutter characters. Once I got started, I had a hard time putting this book down. There is a lot of darkness and mystery in this book swirled in with love and hope. I experienced so many emotions with the ups and downs of this book. It’s a must-read!” -Kate J.

“What a lovely read! One of my favorite aspects was the way it spanned from the 1700s to modern times. This gave it such a colorful and broad spectrum. And it was done well! Janton made each time period feel real and alive…” -Emma, Goodreads Reviewer

“The story was amazing and I was overwhelmed by how the author could navigate through different ages in time and interface everything together wonderfully. I could fit myself into every time period and see the picture she was trying to paint.” -Gloria Grossi, Author’s Corner

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Coming Soon: The Continuing Story in Blossoms Over Bringewood

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Announcing the Winners of our first annual Short Story Award for Young Writers!

The winners of the short story competition are as follows:

1st Place: “The Elibrin Clock” by Patricia Donato

2nd Place: “The Bus Stop” by Nicole Jackson

3rd Place: “How to Keep It Under Cover” by Kalayla Seehafer

4th Place: “When Secrets Strike” by Nicole Hill

5th Place: “Maid and Miss” by Milena Janton

We were very impressed with each of your entries! They showed great talent and creativity. The stories have been published and are available to purchase in a paperback or e-book anthology from